The common obedience course is the basis for building habits that discipline the animal and allow it to easily manage its behavior. The puppy is accustomed to obedience and leadership. The common obedience course is the same for all breeds of dogs and includes two consecutive, mutually overlapping stages: elementary education and basic training.


This stage begins after the 45th day (the day of separation from the mother) and continues until the end of the third month. It is clear that before the puppy has immunity built, you can not attend the school, but you can deal with your pet at home. That is why we offer pre-school counseling for dog owners who do not yet go out. The consultation lasts 90 minutes and includes the dog test that is done before the practice starts.

Each level includes:
Hygiene at the home of the baby dog;
Dog feeding regime;
Place of the dog for sleeping, eating, toilet;
Walking the dog (when, where);
Praise (voice, body language and food);
Prohibition (types);
Playing with the dog;
To teach the dog to stand alone;
Teaching the dog to stand in its place;
Dog examining hygienic habits;
Teaching the dog to take a strap;

Communicating the dog with humans, dogs and other animals.

Often, the new owner thinks that the puppy is still a little, and at this age he has nothing to learn, but primary education is a key factor in building a proper relationship between the dog and the farmer.

At this age, the most commonly used form of learning is through play, habituation, and imprinting (a mechanism whereby impressions and images taken at a critical or early stage of development remain permanently fixed in memory, the consequences of which are often irreversible).


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